With Most homes headed by women, Women remain the back bone of the African family. This is especially even more true when these homes are low income households. The informal secor contributes up to 65% of Nigerias GDP, and not surprisingly women make up more than 50% of the workforce in the informal sector working as petty traders, cooks, nannies, care takers, tailors, market women, etc in order to feed and care for their families.

However, the emmergence of Covid 19 meant that many women lost their only means of livelyhood and as a result are facing starvation, hunger and endergering themselves by exposing themselves to unimaginable risks in so as to survive in this dangerous time of Covid 19. 

Our Humanitarian commitment and effort ensures that we seek and identify as many vulnurable households as we can in our communities and provide immediate assitance and relief for them. Our relief packages are divided into three categories:

    • Feeding (rawfood items- containing common food staples) 
    • Health/covid-19 (Vitamin C, masks, soaps, sanitizers) 
    • Financial/Business support in cash to tackle emergencies.

How you can participate

    • You can make a general cash donation
    • Donate Civid-19 prevention materials
    • Adopt a household for a month or two
    • Volunteer to join us on the work field

We have been able to reach dozens of deserving beneficiaries in our communities who have been socio-economically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and we ask you to join us to reach them in their hundreds and thousands!