Message From The Founder

                                              "One can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand"

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world with over seventy million youths. Our youths are ambitious, enthusiastic, energetic, promising and constitute our only hope for a great nation. However, our youths are highly challenged by the high rates of unemployment, school dropout, teenage pregnancies and the threat of HIV/AIDS that affect our country today, and these challenges are a hindrance to a bright future. Hence many youths end up becoming a liability instead of an asset to the nation.

The vision for safe Love came from developing solutions to these problems faced by  youths, especially girls, in our society.
In our pursuit for solutions to these problems, we discovered that invention was not necessary because there already exist proven poverty solutions out there, and all that is needed are people to take these proven poverty interventions and put them to work in our societies. And the good thing about scaling proven interventions is that they save lives, time, resources and are guaranteed to work because they have been tested and proven in similar contexts.

We were looking for interventions that combat these problems by identifying and addressing issues that would enhance the lives of the youth and improve overall national development. As a result, Safe Love International, a non governmental and nonprofit organisation which scales proven and tested programmes that address the very issues challenging our youths, was born. Our goal is to reach one million youths with our programmes by 2018 causing a significant reduction in new HIV infections and teenage pregnancies which are a proxy for unprotected sex.

Our journey has begun and we welcome the support of volunteers, Sponsors/Donors, States,  Ministries, Educational Institutions across Nigeria, and Development Partners to achieve our vision.

Sincerely yours,

Sandra Omo