Our Team

Young, Dynamic and Go-Getters (YDGs)

"Our programmess and messages must be delivered in an appropriate and inspirational manner by facilitators that are inspiring and knowledgeable."

We believe that youths understand youths better and therefore can inspire youths in a more realistic and practical way.

We are a lean, young and dynamic team, with the active support of an army of passionate young facilitators and surveyors to motivate, inspire and share strong personal ethical values, with social tones to achieve high standards of judgement and awreness with a well well-organized and standardized curriculum. Our team have the experience, interpersonal skills and knowledge to understand the youth.

At Safe Love, our products are people, hence we pay attention to the development and preservation of the quality of our team ensuring that they are positively challenged and motivated via progressive training, rewards and adventures in the work field.

To make maximum impact, our audience must be able to relate to our delivery methods, hence we are innovative about who we send and how we send them. When it comes to sexual matters, we know and speak the language of the youth because that’s exactly who we are.