What We Do

  • Scale poverty solution interventions that have been tested and proven to have impact
  • Provide scholarships for 'at risk' girls
  • Carry out campaigns to combat HIV Infections, teenage pregnancies, and school dropout
  • Provide skills development programs for disadvantaged youths
  • Provide sexual education classes for youths
  • Carry out research and studies to strengthen national data


Our  Approach 

We scale our pprogrammes with a qualified team of passionate and dynamic youth focusing on maximum impact and behavioural change.                                                                                                                                                               We are efficient because we do not spend our time on trial and errors instead we go straight to making impact by selecting programmes that have been proven to work, and then bring our expertise to bear by figuring out the most effective way to scale them to millions of youths.

Our Method

"Change risky behaviours that destroy futures"

We operate using a transparent and proven model anchored by a dynamic team, in an engaging interactive way that is able to achieve our goals. We use a modified approach considering cultural and religious sentiments, to achieve huge impact across our country.

We use our activities to collect and collate data on sexual awareness and behaviours amongst youths in Nigeria in order to strengthen the weak data available as well as to aid and further improve future developments in this regard. We never stop working, we never stop learning and carrying out our own research and trials in order to keep making impact and keep our programmes relevant.

Target Audience

"We are knowledgeable, curious and outspoken about sexual health education. "

Our targets are youth whom we reach through organizations and institutions. Therefore we work with partners who are schools, Government institutions, and private organizations. These are our Focus and we bring the message to them in a manner and language they understand.