Who We Are

Sugar Daddy Awareness classes Nigeria

Safe Love International is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a focus on securing a bright future for our youths. Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire youths to achieve their God given potential. In doing this, we pay special attention to the girl child because the girl child is many times more likely to be disadvantaged in many cultures and societies around the world.

We provide a platform for youths to access education and information that are not readily available, skills development programmes, and sexual health education/awareness. This later initiative which is very dear to us is carried out via scaling proven and tested poverty intervention programmes that focus on addressing the increasing rates of HIV infections, teenage pregnancies, and school dropout among youths in Nigeria.

Our goal is to help positively impact the futures of many youths in Nigeria, and to give them a bright future.
We want to reach one million Youths by the end of 2018 with our programmes and we welcome your support and collaboration to achieve this great vision.

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Our Mission

To educate, empower and inspire youths to achieve their God given potential and to become catalysts for change and sustainable economic development in their societies.

Our Vision

To become the premiere force to be reckoned with when it comes to pioneering sexual health education and empowering youths for a brighter future.

Our Values

Commitment: We are passionately and realistically committed to our goal of reaching one million youths by 2018.

Clarity: We are knowledgeable about sexual health, girls' education, and gender issues and we are unapologetically outspoken about it.

Integrity: We are transparent in all our dealings as well as in reporting and documenting our efforts and impact for the world to see and be inspired.

Efficiency: We are result driven and goal oriented and we reflect this through the caliber of the programmes we scale.

Communication: Our messages are communicated in a timely and fashionable manner that is appealing to our target. We possess the communication skills required to carry our youth along knowing that knowledge comes through understanding.